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Pastor Ronald

Began his career in bringing couples together when he owned “Equally Yoked” Christian Ministries the largest Christian dating services in the United States.Ronald a former high school senior motivational speaker recruiting gang members into college known as “ El Cubanito” in the East Los Angeles and South Central gang communities with the   understanding of the importance of education. Ronald former owner, creator and founder of “Kids Kingdom” in Northridge California, a 5,000 square ft. children’s recreational  playground.  Ronald has a unique communication with young people and people of all ages.  As former owner of “Equally Yoked” Ronald built his foundation of ministering to people from all religious backgrounds and denominations. Ronald a retired commercial actor for over 25 years understands people from all walks of life and the importance of a strong Christian foundation for today’s young couples looking for a lifetime of blessed matrimony. Pastor Ronald waited 55 years through God’s graces to build “The Little Blessed Chapel of Jesus Christ” next to his home in Northridge California. 


Our vision at The Little Blessed Chapel Of Jesus Christ is to provide an affordable venue for young and old couples alike in a beautiful garden setting or inside of our Chapel. In a time where the economy is faltering and thousands of Americans are losing their jobs we felt that providing a Wedding ceremony and reception that was economically feasible and would not cause prospective couples to go into huge debt by paying thousands of dollars to fulfill their dreams of having a beautiful enchanting matrimony was and is a tremendous benefit to all. Whether you are renewing your wedding vows, having a wedding ceremony or reception, baptizing your child or having a sweet sixteen, bridal shower or Quinceanera Pastor Ronald can perform your ceremony in English or Spanish.

The Little Blessed Chapel Of Jesus Christ is located in the friendly community of Northridge California in the San Fernando Valley. We are a nondenominational, religious and interfaith wedding ministry. Our ceremonies express couples loving commitment to one another in a unique and truly beautiful wedding ceremony. Every ceremony reflects each couples love, their relationship to each other, and their beliefs and values. Pastor Ronald is an ordained non-denominational and interfaith Pastor ready to serve your every need. We offer free personal consultations regarding your wedding or event ceremony as well as furnishing you with their Wedding Ceremonies which are a variety of time- tested ceremonial selections from which to choose. These selections, together with other requested information, will form the foundation of what will become a beautiful, lovely, highly tailored and very personal customized wedding ceremony. The Little Blessed Chapel of Jesus Christ also offers day or evening weddings.

The Little Blessed Chapel of Jesus Christ also offers wedding couples free of charge use of one of three beautifully handcrafted bouquets, use of our ornate beautiful garden centerpieces for the table setting, and a variety of CD musical selections for your every need. The grounds have speaker systems inside the chapel or outside in the romantic garden setting allowing all guests to enjoy your musical selections. The outside garden ceremonial area is abundant with the fresh smells of Jasmine, Gardenias and Roses and the centerpiece of the romantic and enchanting gardens is a seven Cherub Angel all bronze waterfall and pond with real live turtles. We ask that you do not feed the turtles or place hands in the pond as turtles can and will bite. The Little Blessed Chapel also offers reception availability on the grounds with round tables that seat eight to ten guests and we provide table linens, centerpieces and bouquets complimentary with a small deposit in case of damage. We will provide a cake cutting table or champagne toast table or guest sign in table complimentary and we also have beverage and food tables available for your event.

The outdoor garden walkways are lined with roses, hydrangeas and Angel fountains and ponds and the walkway that leads to the outdoor wedding ceremonial arbor area has heart shaped bricks throughout and is decorated with various greenery, flowers and grapes. Being on the grounds of the chapel gives couples the feeling of being in the country or somewhere on the Eastern seaboard or the colonial feel of a southern plantation. A backdrop of Gardenias, Cala lilies, Blue Hydrangeas Jasmine and Roses will enhance the wedding couples experience of a truly unforgettable wedding day. We are a member of The North Valley Regional Chamber Of Commerce as well as the Canoga Park Chamber Of Commerce and as our gift to you and as a final remembrance, we present to the bride and groom a colored flower bordered printed certificate of the wedding ceremony, a keepsake to cherish forever.






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